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So no one can shut us down using false claims of "sex trafficking" - this blog is our voices stripped down of any identity.

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Our Voices are Going Unheard

Hugh Hefner started a sexual revolution with "Playboy".  For a time, his daughter took over the magazine.  But now Hugh's gone, it's just another magazine to the publishers who aren't driven by the same passions a founder is.  Larry Flynt has retired also.  Bob Guccinone, founder of Penthouse died in 2010.  Margo St. James who founded COYOTE, retired from activism in the 1990's.  Robin Few, founder of the Sex Workers Outreach Project, died in 2012.   Gabriella Leite , founder of Brazil's National Collective of Prostitutes - dead.  Starting in 2009, law enforcement started arresting the founders of sites such as The Erotic Review, Redbook, Eros, and the list went on from there until it included the owner of Backpage who was arrested in 2017.  One by one by one, the people who carried our voices have either died, retired, or been deliberately silenced.

The "Catfishing" of Our Voices

Samoly Mam is but one of the actors who started appearing in major media after the death of the last known madam Jeane Palfrey (the DC Madam).  

She was groomed by Facebook's publicist when she confessed to the multi-million dollar hoax she'd foisted on the world.  Interestingly, it wasn't her idea.  

When she confessed to the hoax, she spoke about how she was approached by a "journalist" who "promised her fame and fortune". IF she went along with telling the story THEY wanted heard.  

While the voices of REAL people within the industry were being silenced, at the same time we started finding completely fabricated people coming onto the scene claiming to be sex workers whose stories were just as unbelievable as Mam's.  What each actors' story seemed to share was two things in common - extremity of their story and an agenda.  

Either  side of these actors spoke of horrific abuse and victimization such as in Mam's stories, or their counterparts painted pictures of "lollipops and rainbows" like we never have any REAL problems in sex work.   


We don't want horror stories that are like the sex industry's "Reefer Madness" anymore than we want to hear stories through rose colored glasses.  Stories slanted to push through some agenda, get some bill passed, market some new company or product, etc.  

We want to open up discussion again about real issues real sex workers, both active and retired, are experiencing.  That includes by the way both MALE as well as FEMALE sex workers because, like any industry, it's not gender driven.  

Meaning we want to know how Christy Mack is doing these days now she's gone through her trial, just as much as we want to know how Jonathon's doing also.  Why?  Because Jonathon made adult films also so BOTH of these people were involved with the industry.  That's why we want to hear from BOTH of them what life is like for them since that horrible day Jonathon attacked Christy so violently.  

What ever happened to Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks?  When the adult industry wanted to make her the poster girl to recruit college girls into strip clubs looking to pay for college - she was all over the news.  When she started having second thoughts about what was a temporary step in her career anyway to pay for school in the first place - all of a sudden we're not hearing a peep out of her by the press.  The "anti" industry was so busy trying to paint her out to be a victim they kept speaking for her rather than listening to her, while the adult industry was doing the same thing to her on the flip side.  Miriam - if you're out there listening - we want to hear from you how you're doing these days. Your words, your way, unedited.

Unlike many lobbyists and others might like to make the public believe, there aren't such clear lines between the adult industry, sex work, stripping, even webcamming anymore as there once used to be.  It used to be severely frowned upon for example for many exotic dancers to also do porn as well as see private patrons.  

Now many entertainers combine many parts of the industry, even movie acting, or doll making, into their resume.  We know of one stripper who also invented a product for pets.  We'd like to know how everything in her life is going.  

We want to know about the porn performer who also runs a nonprofit to gift scholarships to other performers to get a degree in the sciences, or the madam who also runs a bed and breakfast.  

In other words, we want to hear about sex workers in the totality of their lives - not just a tiny piece of their story that's the only thing we want to hear because that fits our agenda.  Our only agenda here is to hear your voice, told your way, unedited, about your experiences, past, present and future as someone who is, or has been, in the sex industry in some capacity.  

We're listening.